Welcome to the official website of 1st European Deaf Golf Championships 2023!

Golf was accepted into EDSO (European Deaf Sports Organisation) as a new sport to their sports events at EDSO’s conference in October 2022. Formerly played open golf games thus now become European Golf Championships and additionally there will be European Deaf Golf Cup played at the same time and same place.

The EDSO has accepted our offer to organize the 1st European Deaf Golf Championships and European Deaf Golf Cup in Åland, Finland.

The competition will be held in Åland, Finland on 31 July-3 August 2023.

EDSO Sport Director for Golf, Sean Richards is pleased with our preparations for the organization of the 1st European Deaf Golf Championships and European Deaf Golf Cup.

We look forward to your participation in European Deaf Golf competition

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”As a proud partner of The Finnish Deaf Sports Federation the Finnish Golf Union welcomes everyone to the European Deaf Golf Championships.
We are Finland’s largest sports association with more than 150 000 members and with greatness comes great responsibility. We aim to offer enjoyable experiences and wellbeing through golf for everybody. At the centre of our strategy is #mywaytoplay – a promise, that everyone regardless of their background, age, profession or limitation is welcome to the golf course.”
The Finnish Golf Union