The self-governing province of the Åland Islands lies off the southwest coast of Finland.

Åland is an autonomous, demilitarised, Swedish-speaking region of Finland. 

Åland consists of more than 6,700 islands, but the current population of over 30,000 live on only 60 islands. Over 40 per cent of the inhabitants live in the only town, Mariehamn.


The Åland Islands are situated in the middle of the Baltic Sea, midway between Stockholm and Helsinki. There are daily connections to Åland from Finland and Sweden and you can choose to travel by ferry or by plane.

It’s important to make your reservations and book the journey to Åland well in advance – especially in the summer and if you are travelling by car or other motor vehicle on a ferry.

The fastest way of getting to Åland is to take a flight from Helsinki-Vantaa, Turku in Finland or Arlanda in Sweden.

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”To me, it has felt like playing on my homeclub.
Everyone has been so inviting and friendly”.

Lisa Pettersson

Player at Ladies European Tour, 2nd place in competetion at Ålands Golfklubb last year

”This course is really nice. It depends on the wind how challenging the course will be. The greens are awesome and really quick”.

Tiia Koivisto

Finnish LET-player about Slottsbanan (which in this case is not the course that will be played)

”I always enjoy coming to play in Finland, this week we are in Åland, somewhere I didn’t even know existed but it’s incredible.
A beautiful island and a great golf course for us to play”.

Heather MacRae

Player at Ladies European Tour who took part in the competetion in Åland 2022