Introducing the Finnish national golf team

We are pleased to present the Finnish national golf team!

Finland is represented by Walteri Waris (Jalo ry / Pielis Golf), Tedi Herlin (Hero ry / Hirsala Golf), David Barber (Hero ry / Hirsala Golf), André Pasuram (Hero ry / Ålands Golfklubb), Jani Savolainen (Jalo ry / Jyväs-Golf), Robin Herlin (Hero ry / Hirsala Golf), Janne Manner (Valpas ry / Kankaisten Golf), Severi Väre (Valpas ry / Kankaisten Golf) ja Julius Hyyppä (Valpas ry / Archipelagia Golf).

Look at the attached player cards and remember your favorite!